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Everyone's A Wiener

Sometime ago, James "Pizza Pilgrim" Elliot and I were in St John's, eating random bits of animal with a couple of chefs and fellow food people (NOT "foodies", NEVER "foodies") and discussing the merits of certain pizzas. The joys - or otherwise - of the Hawaiian caused great debate, and then we got onto the subject of the deep dish. James admitted he'd never been to Chicago. I had to say the same. And thus an idea was born... 
It took about two years to make the trip a reality and you can read all about it in the current issue of Foodism. And you should. It was a fun, if calorie-heavy few days. The thing is, there were several things I had to cut from the original draft, some for length, some because they just didn't sit with the key theme of the story. 
Over the last couple of months, I've run into a surprising number of people (i.e., more than one, and not related to me) who asked why I didn't blog any more. There were various reasons…

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